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Employment Law & Overtime Law Violations

Employment Law and Overtime Employment Violations Employment laws, or labor laws are the guidelines that have been put in place by the Navajo Nation legal system in an attempt to protect the rights and livelihood of employees throughout the state. In other words,... read more

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The Basics of Navajo Nation Business Licenses

Engaging in commerce on the Navajo Nation can be very rewarding for your business, as the Navajo Nation can offer lower operating costs than are found in most metropolitan areas as well as access to labor and other resources. In order to conduct business activities on... read more

Estate Planning for the Navajo Nation: The Challenges

After you’ve spent years and even decades building your estate, you will of course want to preserve and protect what’s yours to pass on to your family, free from legal problems or other complications. Estate laws impacting the Navajo Nation are complicated and often... read more

The Complex Legal Challenges in Oil and Gas Rights

How do you go about leasing the oil and gas resources that exist on tribal lands? It is a complicated process involving trust land issues and numerous federal laws relating to energy production. Consulting with a law firm experienced in protecting the rights of Native... read more

Navajo Nation Business and Estate Planning Tips

You want to ensure that the assets of your business are preserved for your loved ones. Business succession planning allows you to make your wishes clear, and for a smooth transition should one or more of the shareholders or owners pass away or become incapacitated. If... read more

Navajo Nation Laws and Regulations for Business Formation

For the Navajo people, creating a new business comes with many regulations, including staying in compliance with Navajo Nation Laws. Our attorney, Calvin Lee, is a Navajo who has dedicated his practice to serving First Nation people, and in negotiating the processes... read more

How to Start a Tourism-Related Business

Many First Nations people decide to start a tourism-related business for the benefit of their families, children, and to provide for future generations. The enterprise must be correctly registered under Indian, state and federal jurisdictions. Indian people who plan... read more