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Business Planning & Native Americans

Many Native American individuals and families have spent years building up a business, and need assistance with startup issues and doing business in the Navajo Nation.

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Many growing businesses are related to tourism, and the legal requirements associated with registration are a great burden. You want to get on with the business of doing business, and instead, face a pile of paperwork that is confusing, complex, and unfortunately, necessary.

At CJ Lee & Associates, we have extensive experience in assisting Native Americans build businesses.

  • Business Formation
  • Business Registration
  • Taxation issues for Tourism Businesses
  • Planning & Regulatory Compliance
  • General Counsel
  • Estate Planning

Business Establishment: Structure it Right.

We can structure a business so it gains the greatest benefits for your family, and we create a partnership for success, acting as the family’s attorney in all the legal matters that may arise over time. Estate planning is an important piece of the puzzle, and we are here to help. We make friends, not clients, and develop long term relationships with those we serve.

Any Native American-owned tourism business must be registered with all appropriate jurisdictions, including the tribal business regulatory department, the state, parks & recreation, as well as the tourism department, and getting the registrations completed can be a process that takes several months. As with all regulatory bodies, this means extensive paperwork. We do all the heavy lifting, leaving you the time to focus on the day-to-day operation of your business, confident that your legal problems are under control.

Your Family and Your Business

You have worked hard to establish your business, and passing on all you have earned to those you love is an important matter. There are many methods by which a business can be formed and established to accomplish your personal goals.

We can help, either in mid-stream, or in establishing the correct form that will best benefit those you love, long term. There are many issues that must be evaluated, including how taxation will affect the assets you pass on. Take advantage of our deep knowledge and experience in this area of the law. Our goal is to provide practical, workable solutions for Native American business owners in these and other issues. We act to support the success of business owners throughout the Native American community.

Connect with us when it is time to establish a new enterprise, expand your enterprise, and to protect what you have built for your loved ones.

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Native Americans are impacted by tribal, state and federal laws. The laws affect every aspect of your domestic affairs. At CJ Lee & Associates, our goal is to help the Native American community achieve their goals in financial matters, in business enterprises, and in complex regulatory issues.

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