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General Counsel for Tribal Councils

Many legal issues cross the desks of those serving on a Tribal Council.

Tribal Council Legal Issues

These issues require fast, effective action, and the help of a qualified Indian Law attorney allows the members to be confident in their decisions.

Some of the matters we can address, and have experience in include:

  • Tort Claims
  • Civil Tort Defense
  • Insurance Obligations and Litigation
  • Manufacturing Legal Issues
  • General Counsel Services
  • Contractual Matters

Day-to-Day Support in all Legal Issues Affecting a Tribal Council

Not all law firms can claim the experience and knowledge we offer our clients. Our founder, Calvin J. Lee, has extensive experience in tribal, state and federal law matters, and can provide the legal support needed for a wide scope of legal issues.

We can help with issues such as drafting Tribal Ordinances, dealing with matters associated with the IRS and taxation, consulting with Congress and other federal agency personnel, working with lobbyists, and keeping the council safe by staying current with any changes in federal or state law, as well as recent case law that could have an impact on a decision.


Legal Counsel to Protect the Tribe’s Interests

Tribal council members carry a burdensome responsibility, with many potential problems. When serving as counsel, we can provide the qualified advice that protects against future litigation, as well as representing the council in negotiating and drafting contracts. Our goal is to protect the rights and interests of the council, and the tribe in general.

Whether you are dealing with Tribal Constitutional issues, or are involved in negotiating the most favorable terms for a contract that will bring greater viability to the community, we can help. We support the council in efforts to establish new enterprises, and to manage existing business relationships with sanity, with an eye to protecting against any problems associated with federal, state or tribal law that could potentially arise in the future.

Call us to arrange a meeting. We are here to help you resolve all legal issues in the most cost-effective manner.

Other Services

Native Americans are impacted by tribal, state and federal laws. The laws affect every aspect of your domestic affairs. At C.J. Lee & Associates, P.C., our goal is to help the Native American community achieve their goals in financial matters, in business enterprises, and in complex regulatory issues.

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