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Complex Litigation

When a personal injury claim is filed against a tribe, the problems associated with the case will tie up attention and time. There is very real reason for worry, as the damage done can be significant.

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At C.J. Lee & Associates, we handle all matters associated with sovereign immunity, as well as tort defense. Place these complex legal issues in our hands when you need to be confident that you are represented by a highly-skilled, experienced litigator that will zealously protect the interests of the tribe.

Some cases filed against a tribe will move forward, if a waiver of sovereign immunity is granted. This is a dangerous situation, and the financial losses can be significant. It goes without saying that managing these issues professionally is not just important — it is critical. We have experience litigating difficult cases including:

  • Tort Claims
  • Tribal Counsel Litigation
  • Tribal Law
  • State Law & Federal Law

Personal Injury Cases

Depending upon the state in which the claim is filed, there are various legal matters that could impact the value of a claim. Many states limit the amount that is paid in injury claims, or disallow punitive damages in these cases. It is absolutely crucial that your legal counsel has a great depth of knowledge about sovereign immunity and tort defense. When facing a legal threat, the quality of your legal representation can be a significant factor in the final outcome of the case. You simply cannot take chances, and need a highly-skilled litigator with an extensive track record of success in this area.


Tribal Court and Tort Claims: Powerful Litigator for Defense Against Claims

Suits brought against a tribe must be addressed in tribal court. Our experience lends itself to every facet of defending against lawsuits that will be litigated in tribal court. A patron at a business slips and falls, or is injured in some other manner while on tribal lands. Injury claims most frequently come under the jurisdiction of the tribe, not state civil court.

Federally recognized Indian tribes are separate sovereigns, and have specific laws governing issues such as the time under which a claim can be legally filed, and what parties must receive notice of the claim. Our firm has a broad understanding of tribal constitutional law and sovereignty issues, and can assist in defending against lawsuits filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act (claims filed against the tribe) or a tribal entity that has been sued directly, and evaluating these claims against tribal ordinances and regulations. We have the insight and knowledge of tribal law to fight to protect against such claims.

Contact us at C.J. Lee & Associates P.C. if you need a powerful litigator to represent your business or tribe against a tort claim.

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Native Americans are impacted by tribal, state and federal laws. The laws affect every aspect of your domestic affairs. At C.J. Lee & Associates, P.C., our goal is to help the Native American community achieve their goals in financial matters, in business enterprises, and in complex regulatory issues.

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