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Native American Labor and Employment Lawyer

Generally, the tribe holds jurisdiction over employment law matters, but this can be challenged in federal court.

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Labor and employment law matters can be complex to resolve, as federal law outlines the responsibilities of employers, but does not specifically address how these laws impact members of the Native American community, or employers operating on tribal lands.

Our legal team has an exceptional level of ability in the area of labor law and employment law, and in resolving and protecting against issues that affect the Native American community. We can assist in all legal matters involving:

  • Overtime Pay
  • Medical Leave
  • Workplace Violence
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Hospital Employee Issues
  • Tribal Gaming and Employee Claims
  • TERO Violations
  • Many Others

TERO Cases: Your Right to Preferential Treatment

The Tribal Employment Rights Office, or TERO, is a community-based, non-profit organization, owned by Indians. TERO ordinances protect all Native Americans, giving them preferential treatment with regard to hiring. These ordinances, as with many other laws, have grey areas, including the qualifications of employees.

TERO ordinances were adopted to protect the rights of Native Americans, to eliminate discriminatory practices that damage the success of the general community, and to allow members of the tribe to gain their rightful share, whether in being hired, contracted, subcontracted, or in being able to participate in business opportunities. There are those business owners who fail to follow TERO ordinances, and in these cases, our firm stands ready to pursue justice.


Navajo Lawyer for Labor and Employee Legal Issues

Enterprises established on tribal lands are required to be in compliance with TERO ordinances with regard to preferential hiring practices for Native Americans. There are a great number of regulatory issues that employers are forced to deal with, including navigating TERO ordinances, tribal law, state law, and federal law — it is not a simple task. Any individual or group who plans to establish a business on tribal lands, allotments, or trust lands would be well-served to have these issues managed by an attorney to avoid serious legal problems in the future.

We represent employees and business owners in all employment law matters, and have the skills and knowledge to help an employer establish a business and business practices that are in compliance with TERO, and to defend against claims brought against the enterprise.

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Native Americans are impacted by tribal, state and federal laws. The laws affect every aspect of your domestic affairs. At C.J. Lee & Associates, P.C., our goal is to help the Native American community achieve their goals in financial matters, in business enterprises, and in complex regulatory issues.

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