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The Indian Child Welfare Act

ICWA sets guidelines and requirements for how adoption agencies and the child welfare system serve tribal children and birth parents. The act gives tribes legal authority and a voice in child welfare cases, lists criteria for adoptive and foster homes, and places a priority on keeping Indian children with their relatives or other Indian families.

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5 Must Have Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning-5 Essential Documents you Must Have When estate planning is mentioned, a lot of people think that this only means drafting a will or a trust and you’re done. Nonetheless, estate planning entails a lot of other factors that ensure that your assets are... read more

Employment Law & Overtime Law Violations

Employment Law and Overtime Employment Violations Employment laws, or labor laws are the guidelines that have been put in place by the Navajo Nation legal system in an attempt to protect the rights and livelihood of employees throughout the state. In other words,... read more

Divorce Planning: What to bring your Attorney

Divorce Planning As you are planning your first visit with your divorce attorney, it is a good idea to do some divorce planning. We are committed to representing your interests. To do so adequately, we ask that you gather together the following documents and bring... read more

Durable Powers of Attorney in Wills and Estate Planning

No one is immune to aging or the loss of mental focus that may come with it, Furthermore, you may fall ill any day and be unable to handle any financial transactions or business in life, this includes making key financial decisions. No one likes to think of such... read more

The Dangers of Not Getting Around to Making Divorce Official

Should You Make Your Divorce Official? Here Are Dangers of Not Doing it You’ve probably heard of someone who’s been separated for years from their spouse, yet neither party has bothered to make the divorce official. While it can seem normal, it can end up with costly... read more