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Federal Indian Law

There are almost countless federal laws, regulations, statutes, treaties, and court decisions that affect Native Americans in practically every aspect of life.

Services for Native Americans in New Mexico

Tribes have specific sovereign powers, and have been granted the right to self-governance, adding to an already complex mix of challenges for Native Americans who are involved in business. The Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed in part to protect individual Native Americans against specific actions from tribal governments.

Native Americans were granted equal protection under the law, while maintaining their right to self government. Whether you are working with your tribal government or running into conflicts and want to find practical, workable solutions, our firm can help with the following aspects of Federal Indian Law

  • Hunting and Fishing Laws
  • Property Rights
  • Reservations
  • Statutory and Treaty Interpretation

Commercial Enterprises and First Nation People

How will federal law impact Native Americans involved in commercial enterprises, or in issues related to land ownership? Business owners face some unique challenges in establishing an enterprise. These issues must be handled with a high level of professional skill. Our legal team possesses a deep knowledge of federal laws and regulations, and how to navigate the complexities surrounding matters related to oil and gas, rights of way, setback requirements, and easements.

Native American landowners are often dealing with tribal matters as well as interacting with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and more than one company or legal entity could be involved. These issues can quickly become very complex and confusing. You do not want to face years of delay, long and grueling conflicts, or other problems — you need solutions that are practical, effective and protect your interests. We can help.

Should you, your company, or your tribe be involved in an issue that requires negotiation or litigation, our legal team stands on firm legal ground. We have a deep knowledge of the federal laws that impact Native Americans, and have worked extensively within the system to gain an advantage for those we represent.


We Support the Economic Endeavors of the People of the Indian Nations

We champion the entrepreneurial spirit, and take action for our clients, offering guidance to attain higher levels of success. We provide legal representation to navigate the maze of federal regulations in establishing new enterprises, expanding existing enterprises, and other issues associated with the establishment or expansion of all types of commercial endeavors. Call us when you need straightforward, honest legal advice, based upon extensive experience with federal laws and regulations. As a Navajo attorney, Mr. Lee has a deep, personal commitment to the people he serves. The goal is to get rid of the confusions and frustrations and get the situation moving in the right direction, as fast as possible.

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Native Americans are impacted by tribal, state and federal laws. The laws affect every aspect of your domestic affairs. At C.J. Lee & Associates, P.C., our goal is to help the Native American community achieve their goals in financial matters, in business enterprises, and in complex regulatory issues.

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