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5 Must Have Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning-5 Essential Documents you Must Have When estate planning is mentioned, a lot of people think that this only means drafting a will or a trust and you’re done. Nonetheless, estate planning entails a lot of other factors that ensure that your assets are... read more

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Personal Injury Cases: Why Hiring a Lawyer is Essential

Personal Injury Lawyer – who, what and why? A personal injury lawyer, sometimes referred to as a trial or plaintiff attorney, is a professional civil litigator capable of offering representation to plaintiffs who are filing cases from a psychological or physical... read more

Personal Injury Claims and Compensation

Types of Claims Every year, millions of people are injured in accidents that is not their fault. This can be at home, at work, in their cars, or even outdoors. In many cases, although the victim themselves are not to blame for the injury that they have suffered,... read more

Defamation – A false statement vs. an opinion

It can be difficult to determine if a negative statement about another person would be considered defamatory and subject to legal action. Generally, a defamatory statement is presented (in writing or speech to a third party) as a false statement of fact. It can be a... read more

Too Many Laws! Federal, State, and Tribal Law

Did you know that Native American tribal governments, including the Navajo Nation, are not constitutional states or foreign entities, but “domestic dependent nations”? As such, these tribal governments retain many sovereign powers beyond the authority of the U.S.... read more