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Attorney Jack Utter is a Legal Assistant with CJ Lee & Associates

Jack Utter participated in Reservation ROW, land use, water use, trespass, dispute resolution, legislation, municipal and county lobbying, state lobbying, and congressional lobbying over 23-year period for Yavapai-Prescott Tribe first, and then Navajo Nation. He has facilitated cooperative roads projects for Navajo, Apache, Coconino, and McKinley Counties and Navajo Nation from 1999 to 2015. He also is the Navajo DNR representative to 2005 National Conference of the federal Indian Land Working Group, August, 2005. Assigned by N.N. Nat. Res. Jack serves ‘Core Team Leader’ of 13 N.N. Depts., plus the N.N. EPA, N.N. Tribal Utility Authority, BIA, McKinley County, State of New Mexico, and State of Arizona, to facilitate Highway 491 construction, Highway 89 repair after the Page-area failure, the Highway 89 Cameron, Arizona Bridge rebuild, and the regulatory review and permitting for construction and remodeling of $500 million worth of BIA schools on the Nation, and $250 million worth of new construction for three Nation Casinos from 2009 to 2014.


J.D., Concord Law School
Ph.D. in Forest Resources and River Management, University of Montana
MS in Watershed Management, University of Arizona
B.S. in Agriculture, University of Arizona

practice areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Federal Indian Law
Water Law
Tribal Law
Tort Law
Public Land and Natural Resources Law

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