For the Navajo people, creating a new business comes with many regulations, including staying in compliance with Navajo Nation Laws. Our attorney, Calvin Lee, is a Navajo who has dedicated his practice to serving First Nation people, and in negotiating the processes and legal requirements imposed upon entrepreneurs under Navajo Nation Laws. He has made it his responsibility to assist the people of the First Nations to flourish in various entrepreneurial activities. Mr. Lee has a background serving as counsel for the Navajo Nation of Legislative Counsel, and a thorough and extensive understanding of Navajo Nation Laws. It is crucial that your attorney is well-versed in state, federal, and Navajo Nation laws, as all three will impact your business.

The Navajo Nation is a sovereign nation, existing long before European settlers came to their lands, and has a long history of self-governance. The current Navajo Nation Laws now govern how businesses are established in Navajo Indian Country. A new enterprise must adhere to these laws, as well as the rules imposed by both state and federal regulatory agencies.

The Navajo Nation Corporation Act

The Act requires registration of corporations. To register, you must submit extensive documentation. Corporations are required to abide by Navajo Law as a condition of their existence. Once the incorporation process is completed, a certificate of incorporation will be issued. Share certificates must be issued and state that the corporation is organized under the laws of the Navajo Nation.

These laws allow for a corporation to be involuntarily dissolved by the Attorney General of the Navajo Nation under certain circumstances, including any cases of fraud or concealment of material facts; when the corporation is deemed to have violated the laws of the Navajo Nation; the corporation failed to file a “statement of change” of a registered agent within 30 days; and other situations. It could not be more important for business owners to have all paperwork in good order, as well as correctly filed and maintained. At C.J. Lee & Associates, we take on this task for our clients to reduce risk, and keep all compliances current.